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Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

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Truth About Six Pack Abs Ebook

Truth About Six Pack Abs Ebook

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review
Official Website:
Author: Mike Geary
Price: $39.95 | $4.95 “Try it First and Decide Later” Option
Refund Policy: 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
Delivery Method: Instant Access Digital Download (E-book/PDF).


For most men, having six pack abs is the epitome of ultimate fitness. This is why so many of them spend hours and hours in the gym just to be able to sculpt their abs into masterpieces.

However, the problem is that not everyone knows how to go about doing this. Even some of those who claim to be experts in abdominal workout and training only have limited knowledge about this subject for the most part.

It is very easy to get confused when choosing among workout programs that aim to target the abdominal muscles and transform them into six-packs that are worth showing off. The abdomen is perhaps the most difficult muscle group to sculpt, and although there are workouts that have been proven to be effective by hundreds of users, the fact is that there are still many more that do not really provide the right information and instruction.

If you’ve tried just about every ab workout program in the market and still can’t seem to achieve the results you need, hopefully this Truth About Six Pack Abs Review may just be what you’ve been looking for.

What the Truth About Abs by Mike Geary offers to readers

Truth About Six Pack Abs Author Mike Geary

Truth About Six Pack Abs Author Mike Geary

This program is, in a nutshell, a comprehensive guide that aims to teach readers the correct way to obtain six-pack abs. From exercise to nutrition, Mike Geary lays down each detail in an easy-to-understand manner that one can learn from regardless of exercise or dieting experience.

Being a nutritional specialist and a certified fitness trainer, Mike Geary offers valuable advice and dispels various myths on ab workouts that only prevent one from achieving the best results possible. His years in the fitness training industry has provided Geary with the expertise that is not commonly found with other trainers who claim to know the secrets about ab sculpting, and it is this experience that has made his program very popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Unlike most ab workout programs found online, Geary’s Truth About Abs book stands out because of the no-nonsense method of delivery of facts and advice to readers. It offers information using a logical approach, starting with the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition and ending with solid instruction.

Aside from this, Geary also helps his readers develop the right mindset toward achieving their goals and provides them with the right tools to realize their dreams of having great six pack abs.

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Want a sneak peek of what’s inside?

Truth About Six Pack AbsThe Truth About Abs comes as a downloadable PDF ebook which contains 149 pages of insightful advice and instruction on the right ways to gain six-pack abs with proper nutrition and exercise.

From the first page onward, readers are made to understand that the key to having great abs is not all about working out and targeting the abdominal muscles. Rather, Geary emphasizes the need for balance between exercise and dieting. Several pages of the book also discuss various myths on the right ways to lose belly fat and the types of food that should be consumed or skipped altogether if one is to have solid six-pack abs.

The book can further be divided according to diet and exercise strategies that Geary has proven to be most effective not only for himself but for his numerous clients as well.

The dieting strategies discussed in the book include topics on fad diets and why they will never be as effective as one would wish them to be, essential fatty acids and how they help one achieve a lean and ripped physique, and several interesting facts about carbohydrates and a persons blood sugar among others. Geary also includes excellent examples of meal and nutrition plans that readers can adopt while following the suggested workouts.

Truth About Six Pack AbsAs for the exercise strategies, Geary offers expert advice on the subject of effective yet safe abs development and further provides instructions on the proper methods that can be used for abdominal training. He also gives readers the opportunity to learn how to combine various exercises to boost metabolism and expedite fat burning in the abdominal area.

Similar to the diet and nutrition strategies, readers will also find a list of exercises and workouts that will help sculpt the abdomen in as short a time as possible as well as a guide on exercise equipment that can be used during training. Geary also provides additional information by showing readers how they can benefit from combining all of these concepts into an effective workout routine.

Does Truth About Six Pack Abs really work as good as they say?

Truth About Six Pack AbsThe answer to this question depends on how determined and disciplined you are. Every bit of useful information has been laid out in the ebook, but not everyone will succeed with their goals. This is because each individual is different not only in terms of physique but also in terms of attitude.

If you’re the type of person who does not have the patience to work his way through the program set out in the book and just want a magic solution that will work overnight, this is definitely NOT what you want to purchase. However, if you are willing to spend some time learning the concepts discussed by Geary and apply them to your daily routines, this book is a surefire way of obtaining ripped abs.

Various customer reviews online have shown that the Truth about Abs program is certainly worth the money you’ll be spending, and most of these come from those who have had no success with previous workouts they have tried.

What’s the downside?

The only thing that readers may find unappealing with the program is that there are no actual videos that present the exercises outlined in the ebook. There are photos of each type of exercise and how one can follow the correct forms, but having audio visual aids in the form of tutorial videos would have been more effective. Aside from this though, Geary’s work is quite excellent.

Update: Videos are now available as a VIP addon. They are pretty pricey but can be a valuable upgrade if you’re new to working out.

Final verdict

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review is certainly not the first of its kind in the market. Numerous fitness experts have released their own programs and guides on achieving six-pack abs in no time, but what makes it different is the approach by which Geary presents each piece of advice and information – and most importantly – the impressive results of the users.

As with all other ab workouts and training programs, there should always be a level of determination and effort involved in order to gain results. If you’re looking for a magic pill, this is not the one (it doesn’t exist).

So, is it worth purchasing? Absolutely, but keep in mind that you need to commit to some changes in your lifestyle if you want the Truth About Six Pack Abs look you’ve been dreaming of.

visit-official-siteP.S. Free bonuses

Truth About Six Pack AbsYes, of course… There’s more!

When you get the Truth About Six Pack Abs today you will also receive the following bonuses (valued at $150+):

  • Kim Lyons “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD
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  • The M-Power Fast-Fitness audio series
  • The 8-week Dumbbell-Bodyweight Fusion Fat Loss Workout Program

This bonus package will only be available for a limited time due to the publisher limitations, so if you’re ready – give it a try today. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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