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Total Wellness Cleanse teleclass

Total Wellness Cleanse Review – Detox Total Body Cleanse

This is my Total Wellness Cleanse Review blog. Hope you like it!

Are you looking for some proven detox and cleanse method that will help you to achieve healthy lifestyle ? Well then you probably heard about Total Wellness Cleanse, so I just bought access to this product and before I will try to give you my honest Total Wellness Cleanse review, I have to tell you that I just bought this product and this review is about member’s area and about content inside – I didn’t test detox diet on myself, because it take some time before results.

In this Total Wellness Cleanse guide you will learn all detox and cleanse diets that will help you to clean your body and have healthy lifestyle. When I was looking on the internet for information about this product, I noticed that some professionals that will help you with cleanse and detox your body – they want sometimes 100s or even 1000s dollars. It’s crazy for me – Anyway there is my honest Total Wellness Cleanse review ..

Total Wellness Cleanse Diet: extremely potent detoxing diet plan

A Certified Kinesiologist and Holistic Nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim, who is also a former professional soccer player and an honors graduate in physical education and health, had introduced a unique diet plan named as The Total Wellness Cleanse to clean out the toxins from your body in a natural manner.

According to Elkaim that if your body is influenced by the household chemicals, environmental toxins, processed ingredients and food preservative then you may feel tired, sluggish, lack of energy and over weighed. You can rapidly cleanse your body from the effect of these toxic chemicals through the 30 days simple cleansing program designed by him containing easily affordable ingredients.

Total wellless cleanse Official Website

Basics of Wellness Cleanse Diet program

The diet plan of Total wellness cleanse Diet was designed after considering three main targets- alkalizing the body, taking out the sugar from the diet and purifying the blood and repairing and supporting vital tissues of the body.

The body is alkalized by reducing the acidic elements in the blood to transform your health and energy in a dramatic manner. This goal is achieved easily if you reduce the sugar element from your diet which will reduce acidity effectively and take care of the parasites and Candida. This effect of your planned diet will naturally improve the health of your stomach, lever and small intestines to keep you healthy.

How the Wellness Cleanse Diet program works

Total wellless cleanse maintenancerecipesYou can cleanse your body from the effect of domestic toxins in three phases where first phase is considered as cleanse phase that continues for two weeks and the second phase is known as maintenance phase for two more weeks and the third phase includes post cleansing plan for 8 weeks. In the initial phase alkaline diets are provided to reduce the effect of acidic and allergenic elements in your body that will help in reducing toxins and improving the functioning of vital organs of your body. In the second stage a personalized lifestyle plan and cleansing diet plan is implemented to maintain the condition of your body. In the third and final phase your body is allowed to transit to the real lifestyle to live a normal life. Users are also suggested to do exercises regularly thrice a day for 20-30 minutes like yoga, walking, deep breathing and strength training etc. to keep you fit along with helping in cleansing your body.

Total Wellness Cleanse Diet offers you to adopt either of the three diet levels as per your wish as it has three types of diet plans- standard whole food diet, raw food diet and green juice feast. You can adopted either of them and have the flexibility of switch over to other anytime to find the suitable one. But the emphasis in all these three diet plans is given to green vegetables in any form- salads, juices or smoothies. Fruits except pears, berries and apples are usually avoided in the cleansing phase of this diet plan.

What’s In Total Wellness Cleanse?

Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse  quickstartCleanse “Quick Start Guide”

The “Quick Start Guide” makes your cleansing experience as easy-to-follow and simple to understand as possible. With this guide, we hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through the 14-day cleanse phase and beyond.

You’ll have the direction and structure you need to know what to do each step of the way.

The “Quick Start Guide” also provides you with:

  • A daily Progress Chart, allowing you to track your progress throughout the cleanse.
  • 3 LEVELS of the Total Wellness Cleanse, so you can make… Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse fundofdigeFundamentals of Digestion

Poor digestion is the doorstep to disease. However, good digestion is the doorway to incredible health.

Do you ever get tired or bloated after a meal? Do you have striations on your fingernails? Are you overweight? These are just some of the signs of poor digestion. We’ll show you how to correct it!

Turning your digestive system into a food-chopping, nutrient-absorbing machine is one of the most important goals of our cleanse. At last – you’ll learn exactly how to improve your digestive vitality so you can reap the … Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse funddetoxFundamentals of Detoxification

This being a cleansing program, it’s helpful for you understand how detoxifcation works. In this section, you’ll learn about the amazing powers of your liver – “detoxification central” -, how quickly it can get worn down, and how to restore optimal liver function.

But that’s not all… you’ll also discover:

  • The #1 cleansing rule (that even the most famous Hollywood celebrities don’t know) about how to achieve long term “purity” within the body!
  • The TWO pathways that environmental toxins seep into your bloodstream without you even knowing it! (Warning: One of these ways is completely under your control and like a wide open back door exposing you to all sorts of … Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse guidetohealthGuide to Assessing Your Own Health

It’s no surprise that our medical system broken. And relying on this “sick care” system or even your doctor for greater health is not going to work.

Thankfully, you can start reclaiming control of your own with this “Guide to Assessing Your Own Health”. Inside this eye-opening section, you’ll learn how to listen to what your body’s telling you and be able to identify what’s happening inside of you based on physical signs and symptoms.

Here, you’ll uncover what your body is telling you, if you have:

…A crack down the middle of your tongue… Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse eternalhealthEternal Health – The 4 Elements Cells Need to Thrive

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Each day, billions of these cells die, while billions of new cells are born. In fact, your body will be a completely new physical vessel in just 7 years. Do you want that new you to be composed of toxic, unhealthy cells? I didn’t think so.

So what do your cells need in order to thrive… to be strong?

There are 4 critical elements that are revealed to you in this chapter!

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • What Nobel Prize winning scientists have revealed about the lifespan of your cells (it’s much longer than you think) as long as they have these 4 essential elements… Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse helpfuldetoxHelpful Detoxifiers

Surprise… your body is a toxic wasteland! What are YOU going to do about it? To help you… this section will show you super-charged detoxification weapons you can use to purify your body of a lifetime of toxic assault.

Inside, you will:

  • Discover 9 cleansing herbal teas that can dramatically improve your health! Add these to your “natural medicine” cabinet.
  • Uncover 10 cleansing spices that you need to have in your pantry and exactly how they boost your health.
  • Learn about the 10 natural supplements that awaken your digestion, annihilate candida, restore normal bowel movements, and prevent you from getting sick… Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse cleansefoodguideCleanse Food Guide

Which foods do we avoid in our cleanse? Why do we avoid them? Which foods do we eat instead?

All of these answers are revealed in this 54-page “encyclopedia of cleansing nutrition”. As you read through this section, you’ll learn the health reasons that we avoid 8 specific foods during the Cleanse Phase.

This information is backed by years of scientific studies and time-proven results from working with thousands of our very own nutrition coaching clients.

This Food Guide itself will teach you MORE about healthy eating and overall nutrition than most books on the market today. If a secret agent were to steal a confidential document from the most advanced holistic nutrition minds, this wouldClick to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse RecipeGuideCleanse Phase Recipes

Who ever heard of a someone cleansing their body and losing weight while enjoying 3 delicious meals a day? Now you have.

During the 14-day Cleanse Phase, you’ll get 66 mouth-watering, cleansing recipes based on whole food ingredients that you can get at your local grocery story.

These quick and easy recipes will nourish your body and soothe your soul. With a vast selection of raw and cooked plant-based recipes, you’ll be amazed at how good cleansing foods can actually taste!

They are so good that these recipes can actually be eaten on a daily basis for as long as you want. In fact, the majority of our cleanse clients continue to follow these recipes long after the cleanse is over. You might too, once you experience how great they taste and how … Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse cleansemealplanCleanse Phase 14-Day Meal Plan

The 14-Day Meal Plan helps you reap the synergistic cleansing benefits of your 66 delicious cleansing recipes by showing you when to eat each meal for maximum benefits.

You will know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. No more guess work. We’ve taken care of it for you. Just follow our day-by-day plan and you’ll look and feel better than ever, while enjoying delicious foods you’ll be shocked actually cleanse your body.

To get the most out of this planner we recommend printing each day’s plan and posting it on your fridge. That way you’ll have everything you need right in front of you… Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse RecipeGuideMaintenance Phase (Post-Cleanse) Recipes

Now that your body is squeaky-clean, you’ll get to enjoy 53 NEW recipes that will continue to cleanse your body while offering you a little bit more flexibility than some the cleanse recipes.

You will enjoy a wide selection of raw and non-raw recipes that will astoninsh your taste buds. And we’ve even thrown in a few “meat-based” recipes for the meat lovers in the crowd!

All whole foods, all good! You will also enjoy the fact that these recipes take literally minutes to prepare, which means that you can spend more of your time doing other things that you enjoy…. Click to See more

Total Wellness Cleanse MaintenancePhaseMealPlanMaintenance Phase (Post-Cleanse) 8-Week Meal Plan

As you complete the Cleanse Phase and it’s 14-day meal plan, you’ll need to transition smoothly back into a sustainable routine. The Maintenance Phase 8-Week Meal Plan will help you do just that.

Needless to say, this 8-week meal plan encompasses the recipes that you get in the Maintenance Phase (Post-Cleanse) Recipes.

Eventhough the Maintenance Phase itself is just 2 weeks, we’ve included an additional 6 weeks of recipes and daily meal plans to help you maintain your cleansing benefits for as long as possible.

And to suit your personal needs, you will have 3 different menu plans to choose from … Click to See more

Suggested foods in Total Wellness Cleanse Diet

The suggested foods in Total Wellness Cleanse Diet program may include raw and cooked vegetables, vegetable juice, apples, quinoa, berries, avocado, sprouts, buckwheat, brown rice, almonds, millet, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chick peas, lentils, black beans, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, miso, spices, stevia, herbs tamari and apple cider vinegar.

A sample of the diet plan recommended in Total Wellness Cleanse Diet can provide a clear picture about the plan. It starts with our rising when you can take one glass of lemon water and a cup of tea of dandelion roots. In breakfast you can take super greens along with a handful of seeds and nuts as morning snacks. Your lunch may include tabouli and broccoli soup. Raw veggies with hummus can be included in your afternoon snacks. Your dinner will include green soup, roasted rosemary sweet potatoes and a cup of peppermint tea.

Thus, 30 days Total Wellness Cleanse Diet program is designed to encourage the weight loss as well as to keep you fit generally by eliminating toxins from your body by alkalizing it. But the effectiveness of the program depends upon the level of your commitment as you can get positive results in a short while even if you have failed to resolve your prolonged health problem till now using various other dietary methods.

Total wellless cleanse Official Website


Total Wellness Cleanse best body cleanse program is a 2-phased program that detoxify your body gently from toxins with the help of natural body detox foods and cleanses every bit of dangerous toxins from your system gently and provides your body with the most vital nutrients to become healthy and agile. The first phase spans over 14 days. In the second body detox phase, you are given 8 weeks body detox food plans so that you be able to maintain your new found healthy body after the cleanse phase for a long time.

Thanks for reading my Total Wellness Cleanse Review blog.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse Download

Wish you have a nice body success!

David Quan

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