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Size: 120-Count Refill Pack

Alli is over simply a pill. It’s AN innovative weight loss programs that works with you, not for you. Alli will assist you lose five hundredth additional weight than fasting alone, however you’ve got to try to to your half by dynamical the method you eat and live to examine results. is that the labor value it? affirmative. With alli you’ll come through gradual and healthy weight loss. If you are doing your half, alli will teach you good uptake and activity habits you’ll follow for a period of time.

  • Only FDA approved over-the- counter weight-loss aid
  • Blocks absorption of 25% of consumed fat
  • Undigested fat is excreted from the body instead of being turned into fat
  • Alli users typically lose 50% more weight than people who use diet alone


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