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Raylen Sterling
Publisher of the Master Cleanse Secrets newsletter

Dear Reader,

If you’re thinking about trying the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book please take a moment to read this important letter to see if it’s right for you.

It’s true the Master Cleanse can help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, cleanse your body of internal waste, and boost your energy levels in 10 days but…

Most People Don’t Last 1 Day On The Master Cleanse

You know the saying – “if it was easy everyone would be doing it”. Well dear reader that saying holds true with the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book as well. Now don’t up and leave this site just yet because I’m going to be showing you how to make the Master Cleanse much more “doable”.

I’ve shared these tips with people who could never come close to finishing the Master Cleanse, and they went on to breeze right through the entire 10 days.

You won’t find this information any place else.

But before we get to that lets take a closer look at how the Master Cleanse works and what it can do for you.

The Master Cleanse Recipe – How To Make The Lemonade

Here’s the recipe for making the Master Cleanse lemonade:

* 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper* 10 oz of filtered water

That recipe is for a single serving of lemonade, and you should drink 6-12 servings a day. You can also make up a big batch by multiplying that recipe by however many servings you plan on drinking which is what I like to do. Just make sure you keep it refrigerated, and don’t make more then one days supply because you want the lemonade to be as fresh as possible when you drink it.

You might be wondering about how the lemonade tastes. The cayenne pepper is a real concern for some people, but the lemonade is surprisingly tasty. The cayenne pepper gives the lemonade a nice kick.

What if you don’t like spicy drinks? Here’s a tip: Take two cayenne pepper capsules with each glass of lemonade instead of mixing the ground cayenne pepper into the drink. You can find cayenne pepper capsules at most health food and vitamin stores for around $5 a bottle.

Now most people will take that recipe and jump right in to the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book. That’s a big mistake. There’s more to the Master Cleanse then the average person might think. Before you decide to try the Master Cleanse you need to know:

  • How to prepare yourself before starting the cleanse
  • What to do during the Master Cleanse to reduce side effects, or avoid them all together
  • What to do after the Master Cleanse because you definitely don’t want to go back to your old diet right after the cleanse
  • And finally, how to keep the results you got long after you’ve finished the Master Cleanse – this ones important!

When you know all these things you’ll have a much easier time finishing the Master Cleanse, and you’ll benefit more then those who don’t.

Speaking of benefits let’s take a look at what the Master Cleanse can do for you.


10 Days To A Whole New You

MASTER CLEANSE Secrets 10 DAYs Diet Before / After

Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book

As soon as you start the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book your body will begin a process of rapid detoxing and rejuvenation. The changes you’ll experience happen fast–so fast you’re bound to get the WOW! response from the people you know.

Don’t be surprised if a few people pull you aside and secretly ask if you’ve had some “work done”.

Like I said the changes happen FAST.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll normalize your appetite and metabolism so your body can comfortably adjust to it’s ideal weight for your size naturally
  • Your suppressed hormone levels will be restored so every cell in your body will be charged with youth giving and feel good hormones
  • There will be a natural shift away from unhealthy habits–without will power
  • You’ll cleanse and detox your entire body–the pounds of waste built up over the years will be released in just 10 days
  • Reduced internal inflammation, which will ease aching joints
  • Your energy levels will sore
  • And much more…

For some people this sounds almost too good to be true, that you could experience such amazing benefits in just 10 days, but the secrets behind the Master Cleanse is a simple one…

It Restores Your Body To It’s Normal, Healthy State

No other animal on this planet could survive if they put the same things into their bodies as we humans put into ours. Heck, even humans that come from indigenous parts of the world become deathly ill when they adopt the “Western” diet.

That’s why for the first time in human history our life expectancy is decreasing!

Our bodies are sick and polluted–and just like any machine that’s been neglected and mistreated it’s not running at peak efficiency.

The Master Cleanse can change that in just 10 days.

There’s no magic to the Master Cleanse–it simply flushes out the internal waste that’s putting a huge burden on every organ in your body.

This internal waste does more then just clog up your colon. As you’ll discover in this quote from Dr Bernard Jensen internal waste poisons your entire body:

“The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level.”

~ Dr Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, Ph.D.

What Dr Jensen calls “autointoxication” is when your body becomes so polluted that you slowly begin to poison yourself from the inside.

Thankfully the Master Cleanse can eliminate waste in just 10 days, and reverse a lot of the damage its caused to your body.

You’re Ready To Do The Master Cleanse – Here’s What To Expect

Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling BookAs the master cleanse starts to work at rapidly cleansing and restoring your body to its natural state of health you’ll often notice pounds of weight dropping off every day, some people lose as much as 1 or 2 pounds per day. Your complexion will brighten as the elasticity in your skin is restored giving you a more youthful appearance.

People have seen chronic aches and pains completely cured after just 10 days, and felt their energy levels go through the roof.

It’s a total body rejuvenation. in just 10 days – without drugs – without plastic surgery – without expensive spa treatments – and without having to work your butt

Here’s how it works…

The specific ingredients in the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book enhance your body’s natural cleansing systems. You already know you’ll eliminate pounds of foul smelling internal mucus and compacted fecal material that sticks to your insides sapping your health and vitality.

But that’s not even the best part…

Seeing all that internal crud come pouring out of your body is very motivating (in a gross sort of way), but the best part of the Master Cleanse is not something you’ll see, but you’ll definitely feel it.

I’m talking about the cleansing and restoring of your bodies glandular system.

Your bodies glandular system is made up of a series of glands that secrete hormones that regulate and control your bodies most vital functions. Things like your metabolism, sex drive, energy levels, mood, muscle building, fat storing, aging, and much more.

These tiny glands run your body

Thanks to all the chemicals and toxic garbage found in our food, air, and water our glandular system is weak and crippled. These vital glands are not functioning at 100% and that’s why so many people today are depressed, over weight, have no energy, and get sick all the time.

They don’t have any juice!

The Master Cleanse restores these vital glands and gets them working like they should, and you won’t believe what a difference it makes!

Every cell of your body will be bathed with these restoring and feel good hormones. Your metabolism, your mood, your sex drive, your energy levels, and many other important bodily functions will be restored to where they should be.

You’ll be charged up and bursting with energy!

With all that can be had by spending just 10 days on the Master Cleanse you’re probably wondering what the catch is. The truth is the original Master Cleanse was absolutely grueling to get through, most people don’t last one day on it.

But a lot has changed in the past 50 years since the original Master Cleanse was first introduced, and now you don’t have to suffer with the old way of doing the Master Cleanse.

They Desperately Wanted a Shortcut, and I gave it To Them

My Master Cleanse Secrets Newsletter is read by over 73,000 amazing people who are passionate about their health.

Every day my email box rings with heart felt letters of gratitude form people who’ve experienced miraculous results with the Master Cleanse even when conventional medicine and other natural remedies failed them.

But my newsletter subscribers don’t always send words of praise. In fact the one thing I receive more then anything is…questions…lots and lots of questions about making the Master Cleanse easier and more effective.

They ask…

  • This hunger is driving me crazy. I’m dying for a snack, is there anything I can eat while on the Master Cleanse?
  • How can I use the Master Cleanse to lose weight?
  • Can you help me get past the first 3 days on the Master Cleanse? (The first 3 days are the hardest, once you get past those your body adapts to the cleanse, and it gets easier)
  • I feel famished and depleted what can I do?
  • My joints are sore and my body aches, is there any way to deal with these side effects?

I understand what they’re going through, the original Master Cleanse book by Stanley Burroughs doesn’t tell you how to get past these roadblocks preventing you from experiencing all the Master Cleanse has to offer. I should know, my early attempts at the Master Cleanse were pure misery– I couldn’t escape the hunger, headaches, and the overwhelming desire to quit.

But I’ve learned a lot since then. Tricks, techniques, and even a few secrets that can make your Master Cleanse experience much more comfortable. And I want to share them all with you.

Here’s what you’re about to discover…

  • You can’t eat on while doing the Master Cleanse right? WRONG!I’ll give you a list of safe foods that let you “cheat” and not have to worry about interfering with the cleansing process.
  • I’ll show you how to use the Master Cleanse specifically for losing weight. If you’re planning to use the Master Cleanse for weight loss there’s some important steps you need to follow. Do it wrong and your metabolism will slow to crawl I’ll show you a simple way to lose weight with the Master Cleanse that will keep metabolism running high and burning fat
  • How to get past the 3 day hump. Even experienced Master Cleanser’s have trouble getting past day 3 Getting past the first 3 days is critical. The original Master Cleanse book doesn’t talk about this, but I came up with a way that let’s your body comfortably adapt to the Master Cleanse. If this is your first time doing the Master Cleanse you’ll defiantly want to use this
  • The Master Cleanse is missing one thing that’s vital to your health: ProteinStaying away from certain foods is important when you do the Master Cleanse, but going too long without feeding your body this vital element can be dangerous. I’ll show you one of the purest sources of this special item that actually makes the Master Cleanse work better!
  • Simple steps for reducing side effects The Master Cleanse is a rapid detox that can make huge changes in your health in just a few days. In some cases that means a little discomfort during the cleansing process, but there’s ways you can significantly reduce those troublesome side effects, and I’m going to share those with you

Introducing The Book That Made The Master Cleanse “Doable” For People Across The World

After reading my book people everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that “Yes!, I can do the Master Cleanse”

Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book

You’re going to get a complete step by step guide that you’ll be able to download instantly showing you everything you need to know to succeed when you do the Master Cleanse.

You’re going to discover….

  • The common mistake almost everyone makes that damages their health and can make them gain weightMany people teaching the Master Cleanse are recommending this and it’s flat out wrong!
  • How to reduce common side effects like headachesThis was not covered in the original Master Cleanse book
  • Why the 3 days before you start the Master Cleanse will determine whether you succeed or fail
  • 3 weight loss secrets you’ll learn on the first 3 days of the Master Cleanse – These shatters bad eating habits and automatically replaces them with healthy ones
  • What to add to your bath water to reduce aches and pains – You can pick this up for a few dollars at any pharmacy
  • A list of safe foods that lets you “cheat” and not have to worry about hurting the detox process while on the Master Cleanse
  • What the San Bushmen, a tribe in South Africa, can teach you about keeping your mind off food while on the Master Cleanse
  • The one thing that can sabotage your Master Cleanse efforts without you even knowing it, and how you can avoid it
  • Learn about one of histories most powerful health foods that you can use to detox your body – It was written about in the Bible and said to have been used by Jesus himself
  • The specific type of water you must use if you want the Master Cleanse to work – If you don’t use this you’ll be wasting your time. It’s not bottled water
  • How to master cravings in just days and never have to rely on willpower to loose weight again – This is so effective you won’t even be able to stand a thought of junk food
  • Want glowing skin? All those creams, cleaners, masks, serums, toners, and other skin care products only hide your imperfections – The Master Cleanse can get rid of them for good – you’ll look years younger
  • Why you should rinse your mouth out with water while on the Master Cleanse
  • The best day to start the cleanse
  • Why asking a friend or coworker to join you on the Master Cleanse Secrets Raylen Sterling Book could be a huge mistake
  • A special method for starting the Master Cleanse that’s never been published, but can help you with the most difficult part of the Master Cleanse – If you’re new to the Master Cleanse you’ll want to use this technique

And much more…

Is The Master Cleanse Safe?

You won’t have to worry about safety when you follow the¬†step by step techniques¬†in my Master Cleanse Secrets guide. I don’t agree with some¬†folk’s fanatical approach to cleansing your body, so I’ve developed techniques that you can use to safely finish the Master Cleanse without jeopardizing your health.

Not only that, but mega celebrities who have access to the best doctors and nutritional experts in the world swear by the Master Cleanse. Theses celebrates could use anything to improve their health and lose weight regardless of price. They use the Master Cleanse because it’s safe and it works.


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