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LeanBody System Review By Abel James

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LeanBody System Review By Abel James

I have to draw your attention to the fact that i am here to give you a very unbiased, honest and an open review on Abel James fat loss guide. This post will provide you with all NECESSARY and important details you want to know before purchasing a copy of the guide.

What is Abel James LeanBody System Review?

LeanBody System Review By Abel JamesLeanBody System’ is a comprehensive guide about how to lose body fat and get a lean body without using any conventional methods, written by an expert fitness coach and author Abel James. ==> Live Video Now

Mainly focused on what he calls the “Wild Diet” and the “Wild Exercise” Abel teaches unorthodox and unconventional methods of a weight loss program that are not Mainstream by any means but has a valid and thorough explanation and evidence to prove that it works phenomenally.

We believe that eating whole wheat, low fat foods, diet products are healthy because it has been dubbed healthy by conventional wisdom. The truth is these foods aren’t healthy, they are simply fattening. Now that certainly comes down as a shocker simply because the Guru’s out there have told us time and time again that they are healthy.

Abel talks in depth and provides valid explanation about how important it is to get down to the basics wherein he emphasizes on the Wild Diet.

If you go down to my next post of my transformation video, you can also read about the various fat loss program I experimented and of course I must give due credit to some program out their which are good. However this was the first guide I read which explains a simple approach, very basic in nature and can produce optimum result without pushing your body to the edge. Also I have to mention that Abel’s style of writing is engaging and makes even the most boring topic an interesting read.

LeanBody System Review By Abel James

It isn’t fat that makes you store fat:-

LeanBodySidebarAffiliateHere Abel talks about the misconception we have about Fat. The interesting point as you know is that Fat isn’t the main culprit and it’s vital for us to understand this basic in order to achieve the target of fat loss.

As all foods made up of Macro nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat) each of these play a different role in metabolism. In short he describes that Protein and Fat are slimming while emphasis on Carbohydrates is fattening.

What I liked here is Abel  just doesn’t say that but he properly backs it up and explains the matter quite in depth and of course provides a proper solution to the problem. The overall emphasis is on keeping things very simple and going back to the basics of what we humans are genetically supposed to do. This is one of the techniques that Abel James teaches in the Lean Body System Guide.

The Bad Things in Abel James Lean Body System Review

Just like any other product which is never perfect, I found a few flaws after reading the LeanBody System guide:

  • Abel’s method is very Unconventional and Unorthodox which quite directly defies many of the conventional methods to have a lean body. Many readers may find this simplicity approach of James overwhelming.
  • Although very informative and helpful some of the topics Abel has covered could have been more precise rather than going in depth, now the detailed information could be thoroughly enjoyed by some yet some may find it a bit overload.

What about the Good things in Lean Body System Review?

  • It is a very enjoyable and easy read. Abel’s style of writing is very engaging and his personal experience on fat loss is mirrored clearly in his topics.
  • His explanations on how unhealthy the so called healthy foods are is an eye opener. The approach he has is so simple that anyone can attain the result with only a small tweak in their lifestyle.
  • This guide is suitable for anyone, regardless of  whether it is a top performing athlete or a middle aged housewife, it’s one of the most versatile fat loss guide I have come across in a long while
  • I found his approach so very different from ANYTHING you have read in this niche. Abel stands out from all those health experts which is why he has been voted as the #1 author in health and fitness by Amazon. His methods are so simple yet powerful and solidly backed with reasoning and evidence.
  • The Bonus additional products are perfect support tools and he has left no stone unturned to equip the reader to achieve their goal.

Overall Thoughts:

LeanBody System guide is in my eyes a straight to the point, simplistic approach and fundamental technique to have a lean body. Abel himself has used the program and you can see the results he achieved with it inside the LeanBody System guide.

The quick start guide is an additional bonus that helps you get on with the system as soon as possible and the other bonuses such as the 15 day Meal plan , Shopping list and the 30 day fitness Worksheet are fantastic tools to support you achieve your fat loss goal. I will also have to mention the 30 day recipe book which comes along with the pack has some mouth-watering weight loss recipes that will fill you right in while your body is busy losing fat.

LeanBody System Review By Abel James


Finally there are a few more videos of Questions from customers that Abel answers. So all in all I being a health and fitness coach myself do highly feel that you should pick up this LeanBody System guide and read it thorough, watch the videos and follow the easily set program. You simply won’t REGRET it! ==> Live Video Now

LeanBody System Review By Abel James

Thanks for reading my LeanBody System Review By Abel James blog.

Wish you have a nice body success!

David Quan

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