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30 Days To Thin

30 Days To Thin Christina ClarkHey ladies, my name is Christina and I have an unusual weight loss story to share with you today. I want to share my story of desperation, I know how it feels like when you are looking for help but do not know whom to approach.

One of the worst feelings is to yearn for something we always wanted yet feeling ashamed about what we currently have!

I used to feel the same about my body and health. I am sure you can relate to what I am saying in some way. The feeling when you constantly compare yourself with someone else and imagine how happy you would be if you looked like them. People often tell you to be happy with what you have, yet, somehow you cannot do away with that feeling.

I wanted to have a GREAT LOOKING and SLIM BODY that gives me a WOW feeling and makes me FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. I wanted to walk in a party and be the PERSON EVERYONE IS ATTRACTED TO because I look amazingly sexy. I wanted the CONFIDENCE TO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT because I am HAPPY and PROUD of everything I have.

People told me to give up. My family told me to give up. I even told myself to give up. Have you ever told yourself to give up because deep down you feel like you are going to a dead end? Don’t!

But before I begin, take a deep breath and take some time to…

30daythin questionFeel what it will be like to lose more than 38.5 pounds in 1 month… looking at your sexy, slim, happy new you in the mirror!

30daythin questionFeel what it will be like to wear bikini, look gorgeous, and show off that sexy body at a beach!

30daythin questionThink what it feels like to walk into a room knowing that people will naturally come and talk to you because you exude confidence!

30daythin questionImagine how hot and sexy you look compared to your old photographs…Wouldn’t it feel good?

30daythin questionImagine being crowned as the “Hot Babe” by guys around you…Yes You!

30daythin questionThink how confidently you’ll carry yourself in front of your friends and family, reflecting the new slim, thin, and sexy you!visit-official-site


This is the story of how I lost 38.5 pounds of fat in 30 Days To Thin, and how I saw the sexy me for the first time in my life.

How did I do it? Well, a lot of what really worked for me is things you probably won’t read about in the magazines or mainstream weight loss programs, and I know these things can work for you too!

I am not a naturally lean and thin girl; in fact, I was downright obese for many years. My parents didn’t care and kept on assuring me that I was beautiful the way I looked. I used to avoid parties just because I didn’t want to get any negative attention. At times, I literally used to feel like closing myself in a room and secluding myself from the world. Forget about going for a date…I simply got NO ATTENTION from boys.

You see, I had been obese and self conscious about my weight for a long time. Not only did it become a problem in my daily activities – my job, my social life and even my personal life, but it felt like a chronic disease.

Worst of all, I reached a stage where I was so frustrated that I started reading every book on the library bookshelf on dieting and weight loss. I tried almost every over-the-counter diet pill I found, went for low carb, low fat diets, and even hit my credit card limit for an expensive personal trainer…only to find that a pound lost is followed by a two pound gain…The sticky, stubborn, annoying weight always came back!

I know you can relate to what I was feeling.

That was the low points of my life – I lacked confidence and self-esteem thinking that, things couldn’t get any worse than this.

One day I was just flipping through the pages of a magazine until I read an interview with Angelina Jolie. Oh my god! My eyes were shot open and I was inspired with the way she carries herself. I went crazy for days, reflecting on what was wrong with me? Why can’t I be like her? I started writing down the things I did to gain this weight. For the first time in my life, I had to shamelessly accept that I had been wrong all my life. Here is what I scribbled down:

  • My motto in life has always been “Live to Eat.”
  • In the morning, I think I’ll go on a diet, lose weight, but I end up hogging on my favorite dish at the end and feel I have gained more than what I should have lost.
  • I find it difficult to control what I eat, how I eat, and when I eat!
  • I blamed my diet more than myself even when I know I am the reason for the weight gain albeit I had a perception that I am doing my best to lose weight.

Well I’ve had enough! I decided that I was going to change my life and that I would do whatever it took. I wanted to be the HOT BODY CHICK around the guys who used to refrain from approaching me.

Here is what my methods are NOT:

A guide to go on diet supplements or pills, which have no results – zero, zilch, nadda!

This has nothing to do with liposuction or any surgery that can be fatal for your body!

This doesn’t involve flirting with the gym machines and spending your day struggling on the treadmill!

And most importantly – You Will Not Go Hungry!

Hang on with me for a minute because what I am going to share will help you get the oomph factor and a quick skinny transformation.

  1. Avoid going for conventional means of weight loss. To get the body you’ve always wanted, you have to stick to unconventional yet highly effective ways to lose weight. If you have grown tired of diet plans that never seem to work, it’s time to smarten up. The fact is that fat does not play by the rules. Nor should you. As the rest of the world turns green with envy seeing their favorite celebrities flaunt their fabulous figures months after giving birth, you too can show off that highly coveted skinny body. Whether you need to lose a few pounds or several dozens, you don’t have to confine yourself on the sidelines when you too can achieve a runway-worthy body.
  2. Regular diet plans do not work. As per National Institute of Health, you can expect regaining 2/3rd of your lost weight within a year of completing a regular diet plan. You can also expect to regain all the weight, and possibly more, within 5 years. That’s precisely what had been happening with me when I first started trying mainstream diet plans.
  3. Over half of the claims made on weight loss are false. Yes, that’s right! You have to understand that the diet industry is lucrative with people like me and you as the potential customers. As per a study by Federal Trade Commission in 2002, 55% of all weight loss claims had a shady credibility. It has been years since the study and things have only gotten worse.
  4. And Finally, You are not alone! That’s right! According to the World Health Organization, 1 billion of the world’s inhabitants are overweight. And It’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Weight loss is like an epidemic caused mainly due to increasing consumption of processed foods high in calories and lack of physical activity.

Everything in my book is simple, concise, and clear and has been logically written for each body type while ensuring everything recommended is 100% safe. I have even gone the extra mile to document what is recommended and what is not recommended if you are suffering from any medical problem.

Here is a Quick Sneak Peek Into What You Will Have At Your Disposal To Thinspire And Get That Body You’ve Always Wanted

30 day thin checkWho knew you could lose weight with Juice? Page 25-38 reveals how to lose 38.5 pounds in just 1 month with a juice diet.

30 day thin checkPage 24-71, reveals 20 yummy recipes that will help you lose weight without starving.

30 day thin checkBased on a TV reality show, the Biggest Loser Diet on Page 72 will help you shed 17-25 pounds a week!

30 day thin checkPage 73 will give you recipes to help you whittle your body to your desired weight and size.

30 day thin checkPage 92 will tell you about exercises to make you slim without befriending that treadmill.

30 day thin checkThe most awaited, Page 100 will unveil the Celebrity Success Secrets! Hear from the horses own mouth – The secrets of 15+ famous celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathway, Megan Fox, and many more.

30 day thin checkPage 119 talks about you! Yes, the Instant Skinny You – secrets for your quick transformation!


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30 Days To Thin

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